Longhorn Arena and Event Center

The Longhorn Arena and Event Center is a 32,384 sq. ft. multi-purpose, climate controlled, event arena. Our horse arena is established to host events for like minded horseman to gather together. They promote the importance of continuing to learn, train, and compete to ensure each horseman reaches their full potential. The Event Center is a multipurpose event space. Hosting your animal-related event, trade show, convention, or entertainment venue. The event center will host close to 2000 people. The conference room hosts 80 people.

Book your Horse Clinic with us. They look forward to hosting horse clinicians and instructors who help you understand how to bring out the best in your horse. Helping you develop a better feel with your horse, allowing you to create a true union. Through the concept of natural horsemanship they promote riding and other events that allow us to achieve a true union with our horses. The Longhorn Arena and Event Center is a 32,384 sq. ft. multi-purpose, climate controlled, event center. Hosting your animal related event, trade show, convention or entertainment venue. They have event corrals, hookups, and stalls available. They also have cows available for your event. Don’t forget to check out this place in Greenville too.

Generally, your event hosts have reserved a number of stalls and hooks-up needed for their event. They are happy to coordinate those services with you directly. They have convenient options for you to prepay for your stalls and hook-ups, if you prefer. The arena is covered and climate controlled for riders and spectators. You may bring your own lawn chair, or they have bleachers that seat up to 300 people. There is plenty of parking for everyone. They have both pull through and backing in spots for those pulling trailers. Compact car parking for spectators. The Longhorn Arena and Event Center uses Rescueâ„¢ after every stall usage. This helps stop the spread of pathogens at the source, by being an all-in-one step disinfectant and cleaner. The Longhorn Arena and Event Center offers (84)10×10 stalls, camp corrals 12×16, (8)14×40 paddocks for horses just passing through. If you would like to stay on site they offer electricity/water hook-ups but if you are looking for a hotel they have several to choose from. If you are ever in need of excavation, click here.

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