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Land Clearing / Grading

Site clearing is often required to prepare a site for construction, we professional and expert land-clearing services for construction projects.

Pool Excavation

Virtually anyone can dig a pool. However, just because you have access to heavy machinery does not make one a pool builder.


Although concrete is a durable building material, degradation can occur if built on unstable soil or if exposed to chemicals.

Road, Driveway & Sidewalk

We handle every aspect of your cement driveway and sidewalk installation projects right from excavation to the building of forms etc.


Ensuring drainage systems work effectively is key to minimizing downtime and protecting against health and other environmental issues.

Trench Digging

Trenching is a type of narrow excavation in which the depth is much larger that the width. The latter typically does not extend beyond 15 feet.


As excavation contractors we are responsible for site preparation for construction. We oversee changing the landscape by moving dirt, rocks, trees and more, typically using a wide range of heavy machinery. These efforts are a part of a careful and well-engineered process designed to create a firm basis from which any building or other type of project can begin.

Rebecca Shores
Rebecca Shores
Great work done fast and efficient team.

An Excavator is responsible for:

  • Requesting the one-call notification; it is not your client’s responsibility.
  • Immediately reporting the damage or exposure of any underground utility to the one-call center. If a gas line has been hit or damaged, you must also call 911.
  • Knowing and following the tolerance zones for digging around the locators’ markers.
  • Providing your client with the appropriate ticket or notification number prior to beginning work.
  • Requesting a line locate at least two-business days, excluding weekends and holidays, before beginning work.
  • Providing accurate driving directions with distances and cardinal headings (North, South, East, West) when working in rural areas.
  • Confirming the response of the notified utilities before proceeding with any excavation. For more information on how to view electronic positive responses click here
  • Notifying the one-call center after determining that one or more utilities have not responded to a locate request.
  • Looking for utility signage at your work site and obeying instructions on those signs.
  • Following safe digging practices and maintaining equipment condition to ensure safety standards.
  • Look over the Pre-Excavation Checklist



We oversee changing the landscape by moving dirt, rocks, trees and more, typically using a wide range of heavy machinery.

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Texas Excavation Co
Based on 51 reviews


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